• Last night
  • Posted by STKsMomma
    on 4/17/12 at 8:31am
  • At my ds baseball practice, my 3yo dd was playing by hewrself, when a couple of other kids 2 girls and 1 boy ranging from 4 to 6 came up. They asked if they could play too and she said sure. One of the little girls wanted to play with the toy dd was using( it was not dd's, just something someone had left at the ball field) and I made dd share, and that they could take turns. Well the little girl took it and refused to let dd have turns with it. So I had been drinking a gatorade and just let dd have the bottle once I was done to play in the sand and rocks with. My 10yo at this time goes and plays with her, and I start to hear them arguing and the 3yo yelling. Well the same little girl came up and according to my 10yo took the bottle from my 3yo. So my 3yo took it back! My 10yo was telling her that she had to share so the 3yo was yelling at her. Well I bring my 3yo over and ask her what happened and this other little girl is standing there. My 3yo tells me the story and the other little girl says that she is lying! So I just tell my 3yo to play right there in front of me!

    And the whole time this other girls mom does nothing cause she is too busy telling another mom about her upcoming trip to somewhere!
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