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  • Posted by ElleBee75
    on 4/27/12 at 6:26pm
  • I am the mother of a beautiful 9yr old girl. She is sweet, thoughtful, incredibly and incredibly intelligent. Due to financial difficulties I had to take her out of private school and put her in public. She adjusted just fine but there is a girl in her class that is so effin annoying! She's also 9 but acts as if she is 4, having tantrums over foolishness such as lint she collects and plays (wtf?).
    Throughout the school year she has constantly pestered my daughter taking her lunch bag and throwing into the garbage, begging her for her snacks, pulling on her, pushing her, yelling directly in her ear, etc. etc.
    There have been meetings between the girl, my daughter and the teacher. The teacher brought the guidance counselor up to speak to the class on a whole and the kids that sit at her table to ask them to practice patient in dealing with her because she is disruptive in class.
    I have spoken to the girl's mother and vented my frustrations and asked her to control her daughter. That was in February. Since then the lil girl has continued to pester my daughter AND has told her that her mother doesn't like Black people and neither does she so she doesnt have to stop bothering my daughter.
    I am a 5'11" 195lbs African American woman with anger management issues! I have spoken to the teachers, I have spoken to the guidance counselor and I have spoken to the girls mother and she still is bothering my daughter.

    Besides beating the Mother's ass, what else should I try?
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