• Counting your blessing
  • Posted by dana63
    on 4/29/12 at 7:51am (1 like)
  •  Yesterday was a perfect day, I took Tinker to a health and fitness clinic and we had a blast collecting free items in our bags that they provided and the fruit they kept throwing at us. I felt like it was Halloween but without the candy. I happen to stop at a yard sale and this lady was selling her exercise bike for $5 and guess who bought it? Yes me!! I looked it up and even in its perfect condition it still would retail for over $300. The day was perfect, got Tinker in bed ad went to read and fell to sleep... And then........

    I get the phone call every person, every mother hates.. My son Steven wife was involved in a car accident.. She rolled their SUV 5x..She had my 3 granddaughters in the SUV with her and just less than 1 mile from her home. She was traveling and over corrected after trying to avoid hitting a dog in the street.

    With that split 2 seconds life could have been different.. I could have lost my 3 granddaughters and my DIL.. My son whole family wiped out with a blink of an eye. That 2 second counts and you can never take it back or relive it.

    I see those who wish death upon people and could never understand why and then I see those who try to make it another day. Make today count and count those blessing. Hug your family a little tighter today and forgive those who have done wrong.

    My DIL was very lucky and my granddaughters as well. They got to go home this morning to their beds and we get to hug them again today. But that 2 second could have changed it all for us....

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