• up and out(EDIT)
  • Posted by homeskoolmama
    on 4/24/12 at 10:06am
  • Yep, cleaning up and moving out. All things in the bedroom that is.

    dh said this morning, get everything out of the dresser and wardrobe so when I come home tonight I can move the furniture out and paint.



    Now after it is painting, I will be freecycling and thrift store shopping to redo the room. Right now it is blah. No wall hangings , no curtains, just a big old catch all room of yuck.

    I want a nice room, a pretty room. The walls will be a nice sage green color. I'm want to decorate with white and chocolate/dark brown, BUT I have 3 cats that sleep with me, so those colors show cat hair terribly. Not a good idea.

    Not sure what I will do...time to look on Pinterest for some ideas.

    Off to clean up and out!


    Well, the cleaning is done, the furniture is out and baseboards cleaned. Painting will be done tonight.

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