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  • Posted by Bigmama_2004
    on 11/2/11 at 12:33pm (2 likes)
  • Okay so this is my first post but I had to share. My older sister and I always fight over which is better Croc Pot or Dutch Ovens. Well I LOVE my croc pot. So not to long ago she made this shredded chicken taco dinner in her dutch oven for my brother in laws Bday. SO i thought "man how easy would that be in the croc on Wednesdays?" ( I am on a bowling team and my hubby is home with the kids normally they eat pizza or sandwiches or like last week my son had a bowl of captain crunch) So I asked her what all I needed to make it and she told me then said " You know it wont be as good as mine in the Dutch Oven" So its on. I know it will be better than her. I dont have to keep turning on my stove and making sure there is enough heat to cook it.. Man she makes cooking fun.. LOL. I will post how it goes later. & its super easy..

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