• Ah how does this happen?
  • Posted by cdi
    on 4/28/12 at 9:59am
  • I applied for 3 jobs and within the last week have went to the 3 interviews and all three are offering me positions.... I am a nurse and here and the positions help me decide which to take

    First job is really close to home good pay but not the shift I prefer but they said within 6 months i should be able to get the shift I want.

    The second job has a little better pay ($1 more an hour) but is about 30 minutes farther from where I live and is the shift I do want.

    The third job is every weekend (which I don't care for) but is the shift I want but has lower pay then the other 2 ($6 less and hour on the first job and $7 an hour less than the second).
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