• Random kid in our cart at Walmart..
  • Posted by JudesAwsomeMom
    on 4/25/12 at 11:13pm
  • So, me and SO were grocery shopping today with our DS, were stopped in the bread isle getting the last things we need, and we hear DS laughin away and look over, and there was a young boy standing at the end of our cart playing with him. This boy came out of no where! We didn't see him walk up or anything. We then for a second think he was hiding under our cart, on the little basket for waters or whatever. I push the basket a little and realize its WAY lighter than before. We started laughing sooo hard! Not for sure knowing if he was for sure under there, but were pretty sure. Then we start to wonder how long he was there! Our basket was full so we couldn't see through to the bottom. Then he just runs off, not even to parents. Just runs around. Who does that, who seriously let's their child run freely around a store full of people. He had to be under ten. BUT HOW RANDOM!!
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