• Bell's Palsy?*Update!*
  • Posted by i00adri00v
    on 4/25/12 at 7:42pm
  • Has anyone ever heard of this?

    I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy about a week ago and it sucks. The right side of my face is almost paralyzed due to a swelled nerve I have in my face. (I think that's what it is.)

    Since I've been taking the medications I was given, I can feel some movement in my face. Ex.: my lip will randomly twitch or start to tingle. My doctor said that it's a sign that the nerve is coming back to life.

    Has anyone else dealt with this before? I've become a bit subconscious when I go out now since I can't really smile. DH says I look like Two Face from Batman when I smile. I'm trying hard not to let this get me down, but it's tough.

    Any words of support or encouragement are well appreciated! (I don't know if there was really a point to this post. I guess I just wanted to see of anyone else has dealt with this and how they have overcome it!)

    ETA: First, I wanna start by thanking everyone who commented. Thank you so much for the encouraging words as also for sharing your experiences with me. It helped to make me feel better.

    Now it's been about twoish weeks since I first got BP and I'm doing much better. I've gotten more movement back in my face.

    My eyes still doesn't close all the way but I can now lift my eyebrow, flare my nostril and it actually looks like I'm smiling now instead of trying to scare a small child lol.

    I've had a visit with my doctor and he's given me a month before he wants to see me again. He says that if he doesn't see any other inprovement that ill have to consider looking into electroshock therapy.

    I'm hoping it won't have to come to that. :/
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