• waiting for the landlord *pics*don't worry ya'll i'm FINE!!!! PICS!
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    on 4/25/12 at 7:13pm (4 likes)
  • Waiting for landlord, took some pics but im mobile so will try to post in replies. Dh has agreed to help me move out i am trying to figure out how to get these pics i emailed myself in the right place so i can show ya'll my new place, bare with methis is it! small, 1920's style little house! freshly painted inside and out, NO WORK FOR ME TO DO!!!!!

    the boys will be sharing a room, i couldn't get the crib apart, so i brought my baby's pack n'play, sucks but what can ya do eh?passed out little goosey:-)

    the kitchen and beyond that my porch, the fridge is also in there, but i don't mind, it's a huge porch and more room in the kitchen:-)

    lol all my kiddos bedding on the couch, i only took the loveseat and a chair, my lamps and book cases, will be picking up a tv and dvd tonight

    my room, there is a big deck off of my room, i need to put up my artwork, it looks funny with bare walls :-\

    the rest of my room, lol yeah it's pretty small!

    view of our yard!!!!!!! see that stone thing? i can put fishies in it! or dirt and plants, whatever i want to do!! this is the deck off of my room

    the rest of the deck and yard, 2 garages! and see that 3 level stone thing? it used to be a water feature, but no longer works, so guess where my veggies and herbs will be growing? UH HUH!!! :-)  yeah baby!!!

    so dh helped me move out along with an old ( as in 60's) friend of mine, and we got it all done, and i made sure to leave dh what he needed to take care of the kids when he has them on weekends, he said he will do marriage councelling, ( believe when i see it) but REFUSES parenting classes. smfh.

    thanks for worrying for those of you who did, that was real sweet of you:)

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