• I feel violated and crushed. Vent
  • Posted by bnj03
    on 4/25/12 at 6:47pm
  •  I pride myself on being a nice person. Try to keep a smile on my face and if someone needs someone to talk to I am there for them. Since when did that make you a slut. Apparently it does at my job.

    I smile. I joke. I see someone looking down I ask them if they are ok. If they don't want to talk I leave them alone. Well I found out today that there is a guy on second shift (I work first) that is telling people the he has slept with me and almost every other guy in the plant. He even knows a very intimate detail about me that I didn't even know until I asked DH about it. I don't know anyone on second besides 2 people and they are a couple. The only reason I know them is because they use to be on first for a little bit.

    This isn't the first thing that has come about. Since August we have gotten email from anonymous people saying that I am cheating on DH. Every time I miss a day of work. We get an email. I am still waiting on the email about yesterday because I had a vacation day.

    I want to find out who this is and how they know this stuff. I am so mad I want to cry. I want to cry because I feel violated.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense I am really upset.

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