• Wtf I am being sued...
  • Posted by cdi
    on 4/24/12 at 8:41am (1 like)
  • It is in small claims. Several months back (I made a post about this too but couldn't find it) I found a min poodle in the middle of a busy street it ran onto a side street and since I almost hit it I picked it up. I took it home with me and posted signs with my number. The dog was well groomed and had a collar but no tags so I figured it belonged to someone. Well after a day no one had got a hold of me. I called animal control a d they came and picked up the dog. A couple hours later I got a call saying they had saw my signs and it was their dog. I told them it was at the animal control. Well not even an hour and half after that (I was actually getting dressed to take down the signs) I got another call saying it was their dog. I told them where it was at also. Well then I got a call about a half hour later from the second lady saying that the dog was not at animal control and she was calling the police. The police came and talked to me and after confirming the dog was once at animal control and picked up by someone (assuming first lady) they could not do anything (she was trying to file theft charges). Now I got a notice that she is taking me and animal control to small claims. Our for $2500
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