• 15 Getting To Know You Questions!:)
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  • To answer these questions, copy the questions, click 'reply to post' and then paste down the questions and answer them. 

    Feel free to skip any questions that you don't want to answer - this is for fun!Smile

    Getting to Know You!

    1. Do you have a tattoo?

    2. How old are you?

    3. Do you dream at night?

    4.How many children do you have?

    5. How did you and your child's father meet? 

    6. Whats your philosophy on life and death?

    7. Are you a trust worthy person? 

    8. Do you like to hang out alone or in a group setting? 

    9. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?  

    10.What is your favorite holiday? 

    11. If you only had one day to live, what would you do?    

    12. Do you sing in the shower? 

    13. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?  

    14. How did you find CafeMom?  

    15. Have you ever done something you wish you hadn't? 

    moms rock

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