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  • Posted by DMay103110
    on 1/6/12 at 6:55pm
  • My husband has a 3 year old daughter that got diagnosed with ALL Leukimia April 19, 2009. She has been in remission since May of 2009. The mother has never allowed my husband to have any contact with her unless its at her house even before she got diagnosed, so he finally filed for visitation. The mother is now using it against him that she has cancer and its not safe for her to leave her house. Yet she takes her all the place. She says she has a doctors note that she is house bound. But when we were there the doctor told us not to put her in a bubble. has anyone else had to deal with allowing there kids to leave the house or is she just making this up. Also she is done with treatment june of this year.

    Thank you

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