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  • A restraining order?
  • Posted by auroragold
    on 4/25/12 at 6:21am
  • If your child were consistently bullied by the same kid over the course of 2 years....

    If you addressed it with the school continuously over the course of 2 years....

    If the school has, in the past, kept the two children apart by assigning different classrooms, etc...

    If the school then REassigned them to the same class, and the bully boy chased your child with scissors and kicked your child in the chest and damaged his/her sternum...

    Would you go so far as to file a restraining order against the child?

    Do you think a judge would approve it?

    Do you think the school can enforce it adequately?

    Do you think this parent has another recourse (short of removing her child from the school altogether)?

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