• Are you getting de-sensitized by the word bully?
  • Posted by Mama2ETA
    on 3/31/12 at 12:41am (1 like)
  • Honestly, I kind of am :-/ ONLY because if someone's child gets told they dont like them, they're 'getting bullied', and for many many minor things that is just considered an argument, or kids being kids and having bad attitudes one day or another. It sucks because it makes it very difficult for all involved to tell if it is really bullying going on or an excessive opinion. It de-sensitizes the REAL bullying which should be addressed immediately, and now they take more time because they have to weed through all of the other little bickering called 'bullying'.

    Are YOU sick of the over-use of the word 'bully'?

    I wanted to add for those that think I am saying bullying is no big deal, it is! Just not ever attack is considered bullying imo.  A child attempted to strangle my son on the bus earlier this year, and I think it was considered an attack. He wasnt continually being attacked, he wasnt even continually talked to by this child, this was a one time offense. I was bullied as a child, at school, on the bus, and at home outside by a few children the next street over. My parents switched schools because I begged long enough (years) and I personally do not agree with that. I think it victimizes a child forever in that situation. I sometimes still feel like the victim of those kids. I wish they would have done more (they tried, and I know this, but they could have done more) and shown the bullies in this case that they weren't going to win, and give me the power back that I deserved as a child. The power over my feelings and myself. It took years to get that back. Again, I clearly know bullying exists. I think too many parents think a simple argument is bullying. If bullying was a simple argument/disagreement/dirty look/one time offense/fighting then every sibling would be a bully.

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