• Drugs, alcohol, and other addictions?????
  • Posted by chinosruca
    on 10/21/11 at 11:56am
  •  What, if anything, do you teach your kids about addiction? Do you stick to the basics of drugs and alcohol or discuss other addictions such as food, gambling, sex, porn, and other things that can take over and consume a person?

    My daughter is well aware of addiction.....not just drugs. She has a very disfunctional extended family (that I keep her away from). Her birth mother is an alcoholic/drug addict, several other family members are addicts (to drugs and/or alcohol), 1 aunty who has a major food addiction and is morbidly obese, even after gastric bypass surgery, 1 aunty who is annorexic.............etc. etc.

    So, my daughter is educated on different forms of addiction (not so much porn or sex yet) and as she gets older and has questions, I answer them.

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