• So annoyed with the principal at my sons school! LONG
  • Posted by agrisham13mom
    on 2/15/12 at 6:59pm
  •  So my son is 6 years old and in 1st grade I found out a couple weeks ago that a 10 year old 4th grader has been harrassing my son and 3 other 1st grade boys by grabbing them shoving them into the wall in the bathroom and threatening them. The 1st time I found out and reported it to his principal she finds out who it is (after I had my son point him out and get the boys name myself) and tells me "well you know he is not that much bigger than Benjamin (DS)" I said I could care less he is 4 years older than my son and placed his hands on my son you need to handle it. She calls later and says it is taken care of.. Then it happens again so I go to the school again and report it to her and tell her if she doesn't solve this I would be calling the district and police department for assult chargers.. She then gives me the excuse of "Well this boy has special needs (my son's school doesn't have a special ed program one of the other elementry schools houses the program)" I told her that wasnt an excuse to physically assult my son and I want it handled she calls me later and says he is suspended. 3rd time it happened was Thursday and they kids were off friday and monday so I call tuesday and she has the nerve to ask if I thought my son could be lying about this. I said absolutly NOT and it needs to be handled so says ok she will talk to the other boy which low and behold he ADMITS to grabbing my son and said he just grabbed him to say hi and that he had a nice shirt hmmm ok well he still placed his hands on my son and I want it handled so not he lots his lunch recess which is the only time he is around my son so I am still debating on calling the district office and reporting all of this... I am just annoyed that nothing has been handled at this point!

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