• No1 will ever babysit for me again!
  • Posted by Atarismommy
    on 3/16/07 at 11:03pm
  • Me and my fiance went to see 300 tonight and my mom came over to babysit. My daughter ( 6 months old) started crying at about 6pm when she saw us getting ready to go and not getting her ready. She cried harder when we opened the door to leave.. and of course.. we left cuz she needs to learn its okay if someone else watches her. So we went to see the movie and got back around 9:20pm. My mom told us that while we were gone, she did nothing but scream. She screamed through her bath, and screamed when put to bed. She screamed so hard she threw up 3 times, and was throwing tantrums. She was hitting her face, pulling her clothes and screaming so hard she was having problems breathing. After a while they got her calmed down enough so she was mildly quiet and she stared at the door the entire time..

    I feel kind of flattered cuz she loves us so much. But it proves what I told my mom and sister when they say they are going to steal her. "Give it two hours.. you'll bring her back". Now we arent going to get babysitters anymore lol.
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