• I Stole The "Mother Of The Year" Award!
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    on 4/15/12 at 2:08pm (5 likes)
  • Because Lord knows i'll never actually EARN it. -_-

    Kaylee (3yo DD) was outside with me as I pulled weeds from my flower garden.

    Our conversation went as follows:

    *her digging in the dirt*

    Me: "Hey pooper, whatcha doing over there?"

    Her: "Tryin to kill these punk-ass bigs!"

    O_O <~~~~ my face.

    Me: "Kaylee Lynn! Watch your mouth!"

    Her: "I can't! I'm watchin these damn bugs!"

    -_- <~~~ my face.

    ***I choose to ignore her, thinking this is a ploy for attention, since she CLEARLY knows these are naughty words.

    *my phone rings*

    Me: "Hey, Kaylee, daddy's on the phone."

    Her: "Lemme talk to that guy!" (Walking towards me with a "I mean BUSINESS" look on her face).

    ^_^ <~~~ my face.

    *On the phone with daddy*

    Him: "Whatcha doin, baby?"

    Her: "I'm doin works in mamas flower garden."

    Him: "Oh! That's fun!"

    Her: "No, not fun for me. I'm the only one killin these bugs! Mom's just picking out all the flowers!" (Referring to the dandy-lions I had pulled out)

    :-/ <~~~ my face.

    Me: "Kaylee, these are weeds."

    Her: "MOM! I'M ON THE PHONE!"
    (Literally facepalms me, to hush me)

    O_o <~~~ my face.

    Her: "DAD! I need a hundred bucks!"

    Him: *giggle* "For what?"

    Her: "So I can put flowers in this flower garden! I need to buy flowers at the store."

    Him: "I have no money."

    Her: "Then what you doin at work?"
    (In her "captain obvious" voice)

    Him: *laughter*

    So, she gets off the phone with daddy & we come inside. I sit her in the recliner....

    Me: (with my camera ready) "So Kaylee, why did *I* do all the work in the flower garden? You didn't help me!"

    Her: (with the facial expression of the above pic) "MOM! You picked your flowers OUT & didn't put them back in! That's NOT WORK! Daddy's not workin cuz he has no moneys! Workin is killin them bugs! *I* was workin! NOT YOU! NOT DADDY!"

    -_- *hangs head in shame*

    Kaylee~ 1 point.

    Mama & daddy ~ ZERO!
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