• Non supportive relatives
  • Posted by anime.princess
    on 10/11/12 at 1:34am
  • My aunt is a family practitioner, and she loves to give me unsolicitized baby advice (she has a two year old, my youngest cousin).  She was insisting that by the age of 8months (she is supportive of EBF, though), I should start him on solids and that I wouldn't want to CD once I start seeing the solids poop.  I silenced her today with the CD thing when I told her that the same I'd be "wasting" washing the diapers would be the same time I'd spend driving to the store, picking the diapers, and paying for them with the difference that while I'm washing them I can study for my upcoming certification exams, or teach the baby words in different languages.  She was in shocked, yet she felt I was on the right; she never though of the part that I could be doing other things while I wash them.  Still, she's offering me my cousin's never used disposables (he was a very big kid, so she has tons of unused disposables stored).

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