• I am not one to usually, so should I? Would you?
  • Posted by FebPenguins
    on 4/14/12 at 4:04pm
  • I am not one to usually hoard my Rxs but everytime I can get a dr to prescribe diflucan I ask for three instead of the one. This is the one time yeast infection Rx, it is lovely! Anyway I am pretty sure I have one now and would like to take one.  I did some research and it is not reccommended for pregnant women, it did say something about fetal issues for long term use. Well obviously I won't be using it for long term. As I said I don't usually do this but surely I could take just one? I also know this is a natural group so maybe others have other ideas? I want relief.

    PS: I am 21 weeks pregnant, said ony b/c I know it is hard to keep track of who is prego.

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