• Do you have a plan?
  • Posted by luvbeinamommy68
    on 11/22/11 at 2:03am
  • I dont really have a plan. im making a small list of the things im really waning to get. like we really want the wireless keyboard and mouse for our tv. best buy has one for $20! only set back is that they only have 5!! ugh! if i can get these items i will be one happy mama!

    train table $40 at TRU

    wireless keyboard/mouse best buy $20

    pants at BRU $6

    pants at target $8

    Epic Mikey Wii game at Walmart $15

    Wii controllers at game stop

    right now those are my must wants lol! i have a feeling though that i may not get the table since they open at 9 and thats about the time im leaving my house lol!

    hubby is giving me about $400! and i can make that go FAR!! :) mostly though im just going to shop around. if i see somthing at a good price im getting it. 

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