• Pro Life with exceptions IS NOT Pro Choice! ****ETA****
  • Posted by LoriLou75
    on 10/12/12 at 1:48pm (31 likes)
  • IMO, if someone wants abortion illegal, even with exceptions, you are still PL. I get so annoyed when a PL person says "I think abortion should be allowed for rape, incest, maternal health" and someone comes back with "That makes you Pro Choice". It doesn't, Pro Choice (again IMO) means giving women all their choices, freedom to choice regardless of reason. If you are only giving her choices under special circumstances, how is that "Pro Choice"? I get that it isn't entirely Pro Life either, it is somewhere in the middle. 


    From the responses, it seems many people don't/can't separate their personal feelings from their political views. So, to be sure we are all "on the same page", lets keep the opinions to your political views on abortion. Do you feel the federal or state government should ban it? Place stricter regulations on it, that sort of thing. Ya now, how would YOU VOTE if the subject appeared on your ballot?

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