• *ETA*My confession: My baby was born "early" on purpose.
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  • My DS is now 6 months old and this is the first time I've ever admitted this; he was 4 weeks early and I made myself go into labor. He's my 2nd, and I was 36 weeks. I was miserable, HUGE, I was already 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced at my OB appt the day before I decided to drink castor oil. OB said it was probably going to be weeks before DS was here, but my body could just tell he was ready. I'd been having contractions off and on for weeks. I'd heard about it, and after doing some research online, I figured what the hell. I got off work, bought some castor oil, mixed 2oz of it with 4 oz of orange juice and slammed it. Worst thing I've ever tasted.

    I started having strong contractions about 4 hours later, and about 16 hours later I was holding my perfectly healthy, 8 lb 1 oz baby boy!

    OB said I was lucky to not have gone another 4 weeks or he'd have been over 10 lbs and I wouldn't have been able to deliver vaginally. She's pretty sure they had my due date wrong.

    I know it's stupid to rush your baby's birth and I don't suggest or recommend it to ANYONE. My husband still has no idea I did the castor oil.

    There. There's my confession.

    ETA; Because I'm not going to explain it 60 times, my OB didn't say it was IMPOSSIBLE to deliver a 10 lb baby. I'm well aware women do it all the time. However, *I* do not have a wide enough birth canal to barely accommodate an 8 lb baby, let alone 10 lbs. At 8 lbs 1 oz, delivery tore my pelvic floor muscle, tore my rectal muscle, I needed 40+ stitches, and broke my sons collar bone on the way out. My OB said had he gone another 4 weeks, I *PROBABLY* would've ended up with an emergency C section.
    So I repeat, she never once told me no one in the history of the world has ever delivered a 10 lb baby, regardless of YOUR stature, YOUR experience, what you, your sister, your husbands long lost cousin was only 5'0" 90 lbs and gave birth to a 13 lb baby. Every woman's body is different and it makes me sad for the female race that this has to be explained.
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