• I Feel Like I Was Raped , But I Guess I Deserved It
  • Posted by Anonymous
    on 4/28/12 at 12:35am (1 like)
  • When i was about 24 i had a boyfriend. I went over his house one night and his friend was there but we went in the next room to have sex. He was behind me in doggy style position and it was dark. I felt him slip out (sorry tmi) and slip back in but he was hurting me so i got up and his friend had snuck in and they had switched places. The music was on so i didn't hear a thing. I feel like he raped me , i didn't give him consent and afterwards i just yelled that i didn't want to have sex with them both, and why would they do that. They just laughed and i left in tears. To this day , i feel like he raped me but i could be overreacting. Either way it hurts to think about.

    I just had to let that out.
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