• My husband is a troll!
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    on 4/27/12 at 7:56pm (6 likes)
  • Not on here but he does troll on our daughter's facebook a lot. She is 16 and some examples

    DD's status: If you really want something to happen , you have to visualize it!

    DH- Right now I'm visualizing you emptying the dish washer. Make it happen!

    *picture of DD and some friends* DH: who's the weirdo on the left? (dd is on the left)

    *DD uploads pic of herself* DH: I thought you said you were going upstairs to do homework? Did my daughter really just lie to me? I don't know if I will ever be able to trust you again.

    DH uploads a pic of Dd fixing her car on to her page with the caption

    "Here we have Taylor fixing her car. She is still sticking to the story that she was NOT texting while she rear ended the poor guy but we our still suspicious"

    It's quite funny and her friends love it. His comments are always being "liked" Poor Taylor doesn't find it as funny and we hear a lot "Really dad. Really." lol 

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