• My weird confession.
  • Posted by Anonymous
    on 4/27/12 at 10:17am
  • My husband drinks my breastmilk, straight from the tap, in order to help up my supply, or I will suckle myself. Yes, he drinks the bm. I, do not. I usually spit it out.
    My son won't nurse, so I pump for him.

    This is the only
    way we can keep the milk supply going.

    Let me clarify for obvious morons. My husband and I do NOT have sex while doing this. This is very new to us, since a LC recommended it last week. We decided to give it a try....holy weird.
    We tried him just "nursing" and I was weirded out and almost punched him in the head lol the sensation wasn't comfortable.
    So now, BEFORE we have sexual intercourse, we foreplay, like any normal couple.
    But, my husband plays with my boobs, which DOES include him putting them in his mouth *omg gasp* a husband playing with his wife's boobies, gross!
    He us not hard while he does this. at first he was, but he's learned that it's not time for that.this makes it less awkward to us, because "foreplay" is something very common for us (and
    Anyone in the world)

    If that's sick, gross, disturbing and bla bla bla to you, oh well.

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