• So funny. But bound to piss someone off.
  • Posted by Anonymous
    on 4/26/12 at 6:18pm (2 likes)
  • I was just talking to my Best friend and somehow we got on the subject on lil Wayne and she says. " man I swear lil Wayne is the ugliest dude on earth right now. But he's so rich and I'm not even gonna lie....he's the cutest. He just looks like the cutest little baby chimpanzee."

    I'm DYING laughing and she continues...

    " And birdman, BIRDMAN, don't even get me started on BIRDMAN! He looks like a whole grown man gorilla! I love him though. And nicki Minaj is just a stupid ho, and drake is my baby daddy. I really love young money. They some real characters though!"

    And please don't even try to tell me it was racist. Shes mixed and her dh is black.
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