• So Im going to do a poll first...then Ill add why Im asking.. Moms of girls 7 years and older EDIT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    on 4/25/12 at 4:59pm
  • How old was your daughter when she dressing herself to look presentable, brushing her own hair and wanting to look good when going to school, friends other places?
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    1. 37% - age 7 or below
    2. 26% - 8
    3. 4% - 9
    4. 4% - 10
    5. 15% - 11
    6. 4% - 12
    7. 2% - 13
    8. 4% - 14
  • My dd is 8. Ill post the story and my concerns after I get some answers on the poll.


    My DD is that awkward girl. Her shoes always untied. Her pants always falling down. Even with sweats. When she wears jeans, and cries about her belt bc she says she cant unbuckle it on time at school. She has had 2 accidents this year.

    I have to stand over her constantly to make sure her teeth are brushed,her hair is brushed, her shoes are tied. Ect. Her hair is always ragedy by the time she gets out of school, and if I pull it up its falling out of her pony tail, and she wont pull it back up. Like, she DOES NOT CARE!!!

    Today I picked her up from school, and the road was backed up bc I was waiting on DD to get into the car. Shes just poking around, kicking rocks, papers falling out of her bag, ect.

    I dont know what else to do. She does not care. I was also the awkward girl but I had no guidance. I was always made fun of. I got spit on. People chanted I was a dyke on the bus. They would throw tampons at me withred markers. They poured contactsolution in my hair. Smack me upside the head. It was torture. I can not let this happen to DD.

    Obviously there are other reasons I want her to get straghtened out.

    She walks around WHINING about everything. "Thats not fair" "mom, why do I have to do this" "Mom., Im so tired"

    I just do not know anymore. I have came here several times asking for help, and have been torn up.

    Im seriously desperate for help.

    Ive taken her to the Doctor. We did a occupational therapy evaluation, and that just told us that her coordination is off. But because she is wheresheneeds to be shedoesnt qualify for  OT. Shes graduated from Speech Therapy this year, as well as chapter one reading. She is very smart. She has gotten 100%s on pretty much every spelling test, and the few she didnt they havent been below 90 ever.

    I dont know how normal or not normal this is.

     I see all these little girls coming out of school with their hair doneneatly, dressed neatly, ect. But here comes my DD. She reminds me of the girl on "Shes all that" When shes walking outof the school dropping all  her stuff...

    Poor DD. :( I just need help helping her!

     EDIT HELP!!!!::

    Help me find a cute hair style for her. Right now her hair is just in the middle of her back. No bangs. She has a round face. How should we cut it?

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