• I used to be a stripper before I got pregnant. Now my dh insist that I should get me a vanilla job until I give birth.
  • Posted by Anonymous
    on 4/25/12 at 11:51am
  • Like the title says, that was my job before I got pregnant (it was a planned pregnancy, btw).  Dh is the provider now.  He makes ok money, but is still enough because I made sure while I was dancing I paid off most of my debt (I lowered my car payment and my credit car, to less than 300 and 22 respectively) so he could keep on paying those two things while I'm pregnant and recovering from the pregnancy.  During several weeks he looked ok with this (especially since we moved to a different state where the cost of living is lower and so as our living expenses), but now is persuading me into finding a job while pregnant.  I stil don't know how to tell him that I would rather just resume dancing after the kid is born. 

    I do have an ok set of skills (I'm also a vet and I can use many of those skills to get a job), but after I recover from giving birth, I really wanna go back to dancing because is a flexible job that only requires me two or three days a week of work, and pays more than any other job I had have.  I like dancing a lot, and I have had way more negative experiences on vanilla jobs than dancing.  


    As a dancer, I'm an independent contractor with a business license; so I file my taxes as if I was a business entity, and I have to pay my own FICA and medicare taxes.  I paid those taxes, and I also have several insurances (disability, health, etc). 

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