• I am not an "involved" parent when it comes to School.
  • Posted by Cambriagurlmom
    on 4/23/12 at 6:56am
  • I work graveyard, and I go to college full-time plus. I really don't have time other than reading a book with my daughter (except she has been reading them for the last two months) every night, and helping her with homework once a week when she asks. She is striving in Kindergarden and is at the highest in Reading (she is reading at a 2nd grade level) and Math (already doing Multiplication) She was the same child last year that her preschool teacher, my mom, and myself all worried if she could do it. She was very behind on some levels because of her speech (we were finally able to get her into a speech program in October) I use to ask once a day what she learned about but she would get mad and walk off so now its once a week. She reads to her sister who is 4, and her step-brother who is a month younger (and is severly suffering in school) I am extremely proud of her improvement over the last year and she has done it all on her own. She has also been a head-strong kind of child. I had her sister when she was 16mo old so I had to prep her early into the "mom is going to be busy" I really want to do something special for her at the end of the school year but I already know her step-brother is going to be really disapointed. He is going to be held back this year because he is still at "starting" kindergarden level, and has already been in "in-school suspension" 4 times this year for his behavior. They are in different classes, and he has been seeing a therpyist 3 times a week for the last 3 years. He is capable of doing the work just doesn't want to or gets ticked off because he doesn't understand it. I don't reward on a daily or weekly basis of how well she does but i feel that she does deserve something for the good work she has done this year. We honestly expected to get the daily phone calls from the teacher on her not him. We don't compair children and treat them all equally but from being the "problem" child to the "over acheiver" I want her to be proud of her progress. Her father made it to 8th grade because back in the 70's when he was in school there were no learning programs that helped him. I did finish HS but I decided to have kids before going to college. She has watched and suffer with me through my college career since Spring of 09' and I know that she wants to go to college too (she has gotten to sit with me in a lot of classes) Should I do something special for her?

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