• OK, so you won't eat my cheap meal then confess to what you would make and how much you would spend
  • Posted by bluespagan
    on 4/22/12 at 7:45am (6 likes)
  • So I was reading through the comments on the cheap meal thread and honestly shook my head.  $800/month for a family of 4!  Wow!  When it was just me I could easily get away with spending $50-75/month on myself and that was with treats. 

    So I am dying to know, what do you all eat that costs so much???

    Me personally, I think I spend an upwards of about $200/month on groceries when I do it all at one time.  I have learned to barter for many things in my local area.  We have pear, cherry and apple trees in our yard so we trade those for things like eggs, veggies and other fruits.  My MIL will barter through her job for things like a rough cut butchered cow for beef and split it with us if we help her out with her garden.  Then again, my husband can't work right now since he is going through cancer treatment and I am the only one bringing in an income.    when we have guests I can usually very easily spend a max of about $5/person in one meal.  That includes a meat, veggie, starch and sometimes dessert. 

    My menu usually consists of something like this...

    Grilled chicken legs and thighs

    Romaine tossed salad with homemade pepper and garlic dressing

    garlic mashed potatoes

    green beans with carmelized onions

    So if you wouldn't eat my cheap meal then please tell me, what would you make and how much would it cost?

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