• I'm a waitress and I spilled water on a kid on purpose
  • Posted by Anonymous
    on 3/12/12 at 9:18am (33 likes)
  • Last night I did it. I pretend tripped near this kid and dumped water on him on purpose. This little fucker and his siblings were up down and all around the restaurant so I had my tray in hand with a glass of water. I held on to the glass while it was still on the tray and as I walked by the 3 year old wandering aimlessly in the center isle I pretended not to see him and "tripped". Water splashed everywhere on this kid and I could not have been more satisfied. I apologized profusly and said I'm so sorry I didn't see him I thought he was in his seat. Omg that was the most satisfying retaliation by a waitress in my entire career. Befor you jump my shit know I had complete control of the glass at all times and at no time was that child at risk. I hopefully taught them a lesson because normally that is hot food and plates in my hand.
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