• SpongeBob: Cute Show Or Bad Influence? *poll added* EDIT WITH VIDEO LINK
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    on 2/19/12 at 11:04am (1 like)
  • Bad influence Cute Show Or No opinion
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    1. 38% - Cute Show
    2. 13% - No opinion
    3. 48% - Bad influence
  • IMO this show has some very unsavory characters.

    Spongebob is kinda an idiot who lets people walk all over him and makes bad choices.

    Squiward has a bad attitude and treats friends like an a**.

    Patrick....well there's a "character" who needs some special attention.

    Mr Krabs hords money doesnt share and treats everyone like crap.

    Plankton is always trying to steal.

    Am i the only one who has a problem with this show? Honestly, i dont like my girls watching it. Looking for honest opinions on this. Am i overreacting?

    Here is a video of spongebob getting caught watching "porn"



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