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    on 4/16/12 at 10:54am
  • Learning to Kick a Soccer Ball

    The challenge: Your daughter seems to have two left feet when she tries to kick a soccer ball.

    How you can help: Get kicking with her! A 4-year-old should be able to run and kick a ball, says Sklamberg. To teach the skill, hold your child's hand and together "walk, walk, walk, kick." Make the kicking motion next to her as she kicks the ball. (Your child's kicking foot is the dominant one that she leads with as she goes up and down stairs.) A 5-year-old may even be able to run and kick a ball into a net.

    To teach a soccer dribble, first take some air out of the ball, since the less inflated the ball, the more slowly it will roll, says Sklamberg. Show her how to gently push the ball with the sides of her feet. Then stand behind her as she alternates feet and "step, taps, step, taps" the ball down the sidewalk. With practice, she'll be able to jog while dribbling the ball with her feet.

    Did/does your child have trouble kicking a ball? Are there other sports they seem to struggle with?
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