• Something I don't understand about BMs
  • Posted by looneytunes290
    on 4/26/12 at 5:55pm (3 likes)
  • Okay so I am a bm and an sm- one thing I've never been able to understand when reading posts is how some of the BMs absolutely HATE their kids ncsm. My kids have a ncsm and I just can't imagine her being able to do anything that would get me that upset. I mean if it were something illegal that would upset me -and I would call the police, and the kids wouldn't go back until law enforcement said they had to or a judge put me in jail for contempt. (I'm talking about severe abuse or neglect) but here's the thing- I know my ex wouldn't allow our kids to be abused or neglected to the point of it being illegal. He might them be treated a little unfairly- but even then I doubt it. So- what's up. How do BMs that have a problem with everything the sm does justify that as better for the kids?
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