• Legal Stepparents rights in decision making
  • Posted by kehornavonlady
    on 4/23/12 at 10:44pm
  • My my stepdaughters' bio mom told my husband that she wants to have a meeting at a coffee shop to talk about the girls' parenting plan for the summer. I told my husband that I am a part of these kids' lives so I want to be there to discuss the plan since I contribute to the girls' care just as much as they do. I am a stay at home mother and I take care of the girls when we have them so I think it's only right that I am there to discuss the plan. The ex tells my husband that she only wants to talk to him as the kids "parents". I told my husband that he needs to tell her that I am a part of the kids lives and I do have a say when it comes to the care since I have to care for them. She and I recently had a fight that ended with her calling me "just a glorified babysitter" which obviously shows that she is not comfortable with me yet. I understand that, however I am a part of the kids lives and there is nothing that is going to  change that. I know that I cannot force her to realize that but I have feelings too. What is the legal rights that I have in AZ?

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