• DH overthinks things too much
  • Posted by thatgirl70
    on 4/26/12 at 1:03am
  • So he watched that video of the dad who had his son bugged. Now he's paranoid and wondering if our son's teacher could be doing that. I tell him to knock it off and quit finding fault with her.

    First of all, she has an 11 year old daughter with autism (she's mostly non-verbal, so I assume that would be classic?). Would she really mistreat her students, her special needs students, when she has her own daughter who's special needs?

    Secondly, unlike that child (the dad's son Akian), my son is verbal and he can express when he's being mistreated. When he was at this one daycare, I knew something was going on, my instincts kicked in and he told me he was being hit. 

    Now there are times when he gets a little upset with his teacher (what kid doesn't from time to time?), but for the most part he always looks forward to going to school and he does like her.

    If she (or any of the aides) were mistreating him, don't you think he would have expressed something by now?

    He just starts seeing things that are not even there! I know he worries, I worry too, but I know this is a time where he does not need to worry.

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