• stupid, yes...mad,yes my fault,yes
  • Posted by hollydaze1974
    on 4/29/12 at 8:30am
  • So my husband is not a big gamer, however, he has a new game that has made him way way obsessive. He plays every moment of free time he has. He stays up way to late, doesn't pay attn to schedules(or a clock at all)
    The deal is that on weekend nites, he is to get up if LO wakes up. I am still dealing with a head injury which causes me excruciating headaches and cognative issues...SO he is supposed to get up with and let me get as much rest as possible when he is home.
    Last nite, I went to bed at ten, at eleven thirty, I woke up b/c he wasn't in bed yet. at twelve, he comes to bed and I mention the obsession and he mumbles some sort of an apology and falls asleep. Not a half an hour later, guess who starts crying? Does he get up? no. Does he even stir? no. So I go in and LO is soaked! ....and, of course by the time I get him cleaned up, also very awake. So we spent the nite in the living room.
    You want to know the pathetic part? The reason I didn't kick him out of bed to follow our agreement? Because some over emotional side took over that said "aww, but he just laid down!" I feel so stupid, we have to talk about that game....I didn't marry an obsessive gamer and I'll not have him morph into one!
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