• Hanging up my super mom cape for the night.
  • Posted by Leelee1008
    on 4/11/12 at 10:14pm
  • It's been a day ladies, a day I tell you! I did ALOT of house work today. Laundry was backed up, dishes went un done for days.... I had enough. I live with my grandmom, my brother also lives here. Between easter, spring break, dh's work schedule and baseball, I have been a busy busy mom. Pretty much every dish in the house was dirty, everyone wants to eat on them, but no one wants to clean them. My brother does NOTHING, no dishes, no laundry no cleaning what so ever, he leaves his clothes and dirty dishes everywhere, drives me INSANE. My grandmom defrosted our big freezer yesterday... It was BADDDDDDD! we had to toss alot of food because it needs to be defrosted atleast every other month, and it doesnt get done. I let her do her thing yesterday but it took all day long to do so I couldnt do dishes. Well I got up, totally disgusted with everything so dirty, This is what I did. I got up, threw some sweats and a not so great shirt on and threw 1 load of laundry in, because thats all the detergent we had. I went to walmart and got tp, detergent, wipes and some food. Came home, In all I did 4 loads of adult clothes and one load of baby clothes. There is still 1 to 2 loads left to do. I did about 6 sinks full of dishes, and cooked dinner, and took care of a toddler while my DH sat on his ass on the computer.... JERK FACE!  Fed the family, cleaned up the dinner dishes, bathed the baby, dressed her and put her to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen some, got a shower, folded some clothes and here I am now! I am tired and wore out. Tomorrow dh has to be to work in the morning, and then my son has a Drs appt in the evening.Thank god Im having a crock pot meal tomorrow, less dishes LOL. 

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