• Smarter Savings: Valentine's Deals
  • Posted by AmyKuras
    on 2/10/12 at 12:00am
  • Does it seem like Valentine's Day is just getting to be a bigger deal every year? It seems like when we were kids it was just an excuse to maybe have a little party and some cupcakes, and I rarely remember adults doing much at all beyond maybe a card or some flowers.

    But hey, it's the middle of February and we need something to cheer ourselves up, right? And personally, I do love pink, red, and hearts. So it's celebration time! We're cooking a nice dinner for ourselves and the kids and popping open a good bottle of wine. We've decided that instead of gifts, we're donating to a local group trying to raise enough money for a decent playscape at a nearby park.

    However, that doesn't mean a few cute things might not just find their way home. KMart's got a ton of cute V-Day deals, from 25 percent off red kitchen appilances to 50 percent off fragrance gift sets and women's sleepwear. And 30 percent off men's boxer's, as well. And if your Valentine's celebration last year brought you a lasting gift, KMart also has a baby sale going on!

    What are you hoping to get for Valentine's Day? What are you going to give your sweetie?

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