• Birth Control: Help or Hinderance?
  • Posted by fantasticfour
    on 4/26/12 at 11:27am
  • Set aside all the medical issues that revolve around birth control pills, the alergic reactions from condoms and assume that both are used correctly.

    Is buying birth control for your children a help?  Does it make them more responsible because mom or dad is providing birth control?  Does it make them stop and think first about the consequences that go along with sex?

    I know it's the safe thing to do because honestly, we cannot watch our children every moment of the day and prevent them from having sex.  But I have to wonder about the pill.  When girls are on the pill, does it make sex more appealing to them because they won't get pregnant (or shouldn't)?  Do they still make the guy wear a condom to protect against STDS?

    With guys, do they believe the girl is on the pill (biggest mistake ever) and forget about condoms?

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