• OT: True Story, for Moms of Teen Girls
  • Posted by PinkieRed
    on 4/4/12 at 4:08pm
  • I watch this show on the ID channel, called Disappeared - every episode features a true story about a missing person. An episode I watched the other day really bothered me, being a mom of a teenage girl.

    It was about a 14 year old girl from Southern California, who was seeing a 20 year old man, one of her older brother's friends. Her mother thought something was going on with her daughter, because she was a straight A student, but then her grades started to drop. The daughter insisted nothing was wrong, though. Then the mother got a call from the girl's soccer coach, saying that the girl had walked off the soccer field during a practice, with a guy, and no one could find them. That's when the mom found out her daughter has been sneaking around with the 20 year old man, skipping classes to hang out with him.

    The mom called the guy, and told him to stay away from her daughter, as she was underaged, but he refused. And what was crazy, was that the girl's mom talked to the guy's mom too, and the guy's mom defended him. She said her son told her the girl was 19, and said her son was in love with the girl. They showed photos of this girl on the show, and no way did she even look close to 19. She looked like a 14 year old.

    The mother went up to the school one afternoon to meet her daughter for lunch, and her daughter wasn't there, and wouldn't answer her cell phone. The girl ended up pulling up in the parking lot, in a car with the guy, while her mom was in the parking lot, trying to call her. The girl's mother took her daughter to the police, and requested a medical exam, and testing of the girl's underwear, to find out if she was having sex with the guy, and it turned out that she was.

    The mother ended up pressing charges against the guy, and all he got was a 6 month work release sentence, where he had to stay in a halfway house, and was allowed out during the day to go to work.

    One afternoon, the girl's brother went to pick her up from school, and she was nowhere to be found, and wasn't answering her cell phone. The mother then realized that it had been 6 months since the guy had started his work release, and that that very day was the day he was set to be released. The school told the mom that her daughter had never showed up to school that day, but they had never bothered to call the mom to let her know. She only found out when she went inside the school to look for her daughter.

    She called the police, and the police found out that the guy had gotten released at midnight, then stolen a car from the car dealership where he was working, and the police figured he had the girl with him. They put out a stolen vehicle report on the car, and found out that the car had passed through Border Patrol, going into Mexico, about 5 hours previously.

    The mother probably never would have found her daughter, except that an acquaintance who was a private investigator had offered to help her for free. The PI got a call from an American, a woman who said she had gone to Acapulco, and was eating at a restaurant there, and her waitress was a young, African American girl. She said the girl was really friendly, and they started talking, and the girl told her her name, Chioma. The woman remembered the girl's name, because it was unusual, and for some reason, the Googled her name, and found that the girl had been reported missing from the U.S. The police went to the restaurant, and couldn't find the girl, but her coworkers described her and the 20 year old man, and said they were a couple, and were both working in Mexico.

    It turned out that the guy's family had been sending money to their son to support him and the girl while they were in Mexico. When they found out they could face legal consequences for it, since the girl had been underaged (15) when the guy took her out of the country, the parents convinced him to turn himself in.

    The girl had been missing for 4 years by the time her mom got her back. She had just turned 15 when she left and 19 when she came back to the U.S.

    The guy ended up only getting sentenced to 2 years in prison for taking the girl out of the country, and with time served (whatever that is), he'll probably only serve 9 months in prison (???). He told his family that he and the girl are still in love, and that they are going to be together when he gets out of prison.

    The saddest part of it all, to me, is that the girl still insisted she was in love with the man, and two days after coming back to the U.S., she moved out of her mom's house, and went to live with the guy's parents. That poor mom spent 4 years searching for her daughter, missed out seeing her go to her prom, graduate from high school, etc., and here the girl treats her like that.

    I'm just shaking my head too, wondering what was wrong with the guy's parents, that they saw nothing wrong with him messing around with a 14 year old girl, and taking her out of the country, without her parents' permission.

    What a nightmare for that poor mom, and scary for us moms of teen girls! 


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